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We are 4DMinds and we just recently released our game preview, The Library and we'd love if you'd check it out.

You play an opportunistic thief breaking into an ancient but haunted library for the rumoured wealth that lies beyond the walls. Once inside you soon discover that the malevolent spirit of the last librarian still haunts the building and it does not approve of visitors.

It is up to you to navigate through its secrets, find clues and solve the mystery, and avoid the spiteful spirit in order to survive.

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Published1 year ago
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Horror, scary, Survival

Install instructions

System requirements

Windows 7/8/8.1

CPU Intel i5 2.2Ghz or Above

4Gb Ram

GTX660 or AMD6960

500Mb Free storage

Just download and run the installer, on some distributions of windows 8.1 you may have to click more info then install.


The Library Setup.exe (145 MB)


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This game... well i didnt expect it to get me but it did XD Although i got stuck i do want to revisit the game to try and complete old nana !


* Lots of Swearing *